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Filter By Nutrient Content

  1. An interesting feature would be to be able to filter products down by the amount of a nutrient it contains.

    So for instance: I want to be able to find crackers that have lower than 3mg of salt. I want to be able to find granola bars with less than 4g of sugars I want to be able to find products with less than 10% of my daily cholesterol etc

    Also another interesting feature would be able to find random products that suit a dietary need.

    For instance: 10 products that do not contain milk 10 products that are lower than 5g of sugar etc.

    I would definitely make use of these search features if they become available.

    Thanks for listening,


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  2. Koalified2 years ago

    Also another useful method would be get last UUID.

    So the last user id that was entered into the site under this api key returns and may be incremented by one for the next UUID.

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