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APIs issue: getmylist and setprofile

    • Bharat
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Hi Team,

    Could you please help with the below queries?

    1. "getmylist" is not returning the correct response. The response I am getting is as below: { "session_id": "c7f9e9e2-50f0-4c6b-a4ec-55e610bfc323", "numFound": 1, "resultSize": 0, "numRows": 5, "startNum": 1, "productsArray": [] }

    But according to the documentation at My List, this is not the correct output. How do I get my list?

    1. Another issue is with setprofile API. There are no examples available in the documentation which shows how to send the json string to the API. I have tried converting getprofile resultant json input a json string and passed as query param to the setprofile API but it does not work. Any working example please?

    Best regards, Bharat

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  1. Howard3 years ago

    I'm having a similar issue. I tried using the interactive documentation to set profile with the following jsonI: {"nutrients":[],"allergens":[{"name":"Gluten","value":"true"}],"additives":[],"myingredients":[],"mysort":[{"sort_variable":"Calories","sort_order":1,"variable_type":1}],"session_id":"myapikey"}

    I received the result success message, but when then did a simple getProfile I got the default profile instead.

    Am I doing something wrong or does setProfile not work?


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