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Cookie rejected

  1. Hi, I am trying to get a result from a barcode scan and not sure if my code is correct. // Create new session String sessId = ""; String foodSearchString = ""+scanContent+"&sid="+sessId+"&appid=shopEasy&f=json&long=38.6300&lat=90.2000&api_key=mykey";

    I am running it through eclipse and get cooke rejected: "BAsicClientCookie[version=0, name=JSESSIONID,,path=/json,expiry=null]". Illegeal path attribute "/json". Path of origin: "/label"

    Do you know what I should be trying?

    Message edited by Richard H 2 years ago

  2. arronlee2 years ago

    I am wondering whether the barcode scanner I am testing can help with that?

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