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  1. I notice that you have the nutritional data (Calories, Total Fat, Dietary Fiber, Sodium, etc) on the mobile demo but this data does not appear anywhere in your API. Can you please update your documentation or FAQ on where we can find this data?

    Message edited by Uzair Faisal 2 years ago

  2. William Witt5 years ago

    The nutritional data can be gleaned from using the 'labelarray' method. Just set the resultsize to 1, and you're in business. It does seem odd that the 'label' method does not return this data.

  3. dlutger5 years ago

    Thanks William! You can also use the 'productscore' method which will retrieve just the UPC you query with the nutritional data you've selected in the dietary profile. There's are now illustrated examples of both on our Getting Started page:



  4. jamescmc4 years ago

    Hi dlutger

    Do you mean nutritional data can be got from the method of retrieving UPC barcode data?

  5. dlutger4 years ago

    Hi jamescms, It can be gotten with either labelarray or productscore method. There are illustrated examples for both:

  6. nationmore4 years ago

    it would be very important to be able to retrieve upc barcode data with some sort of application. so that we can get nurtirtion data.

  7. jellien3 years ago

    Thanks nationmore for the info, that's helpful..

  8. arronlee2 years ago

    Hi, nationmore. How about the UPCa barcode reader I am testing these days? Any suggestion will be aprreciated. Thanks in advance.

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