Set Profile

Setting a Profile

Here we’ll explain what a FoodEssentials Dietary Profile is and why it is key and core to using LabelAPI. 

What’s a profile?

An API powered by FoodEssentials won’t just have access to all the data available on a food product's Nutritional Information label. It will also be able to harness the power of the FoodEssentials Personalized Dietary Profile.  Set a profile for each user based on their concerns: (Gluten free, GMO free, low-sugar, high-fiber etc) and your app will deliver alternate choices of food products that are based on the research of our FoodEssentials Dataticians, our dedicated staff of data and nutrition experts.

What does a profile look like?

You create or update a profile with an xml or json string. The first four sections set which label nutrients, FoodEssentials allergen & additive warnings, and which specific nutrients a user may want to track. The last section sorts the results set according to any one nutrient, additive, allergen, or ingredient selections.