Product Score

Product Score

Here we’ll explain what the Product Score method (productscore) is and why it is key and core to using LabelAPI. Product Score works with in conjunction with the FoodEssentials Personalized Dietary Profile. 

What’s a product score?

The FoodEssentials Personalized Product Score (PPS) delivers a product score for a given product based on what an individual considers important. The PPS is designed to provide a specific user with a reference to compare products and product appropriateness to their specific needs. The Personalized Product Score therefore cannot be used to determine or rate the nutritive values of products. It only reflects the appropriateness of a product based on their FoodEssentials Personalized Dietary Profile.

What does a product score look like?

The Product Score method (productscore) will return a product score number from -100 to 100 for a given UPC based on a user’s dietary profile settings. Use this to rate or compare any array of products based on the dietary profile. but can be used by developers to display results in any other related visual or alpha numeric scale. The results are generally grouped into three categories: Green scores (between 65-100) are a strong match for the profile. Yellow scores (35-64) are a medium match for the profile, and then red scores (0-34) are a weak match. It is also possible to receive negative scores for products – this is to indicate that there are strong cases for avoidance.

Here is a break-down of every option for the call

Product Score  - productscore
Parameter Status Type Description
u required string UPC
sid required string Session ID (see FAQ: Sessions
f required string Output format as JSON or XML

Request URI:

Response Body:

Why should I use Product Score?

Our experience has shown that the PPS is an excellent way to simplify complicated amounts of information providing the user with an enriched experience. The ability to set a personalized profile and receive custom content is compelling feature for most applications and increases user engagement and application loyalty.

What else can I do with Product Score?

The Personalized Product Score can be translated into symbols, traffic light systems, star ratings or any visual alpha-numeric scale.